The BEAST, the girls and Kiss Me Deadly big British knickers!

20120530-224507.jpg 20120530-224556.jpg


20120530-224627.jpg It wasn't JUST Mr. P that got excited when Kiss Me Deadly designer/owner Catherine asked us down for Jubilee celebrations at their NEW shop Paolita on 18 New Quebec Street W1; the BEAST got utterly spoilt with all the female attention!!

Kiss Me Deadly has just launched a 3-piece swimwear collection (2 bikinis and 1 swimsuit), and how better to show it off then to have Mamselle Maz & Miss Miranda glamourously wear them on a hot balmy evening on the eve of all the Jubilee festivities? It was terribly reminiscent of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - elegant, but ever, ever so sexy.

Of course there are also the Kiss Me Deadly (sigh, sigh) BIG knickers - BRITISH made and ever so high. They do make the best knickers and a particular favourite on the night was The Fifi with a see through mesh back! Girls were queuing in the shop to take them away with their matching soft cup teal bralettes.

Although, I must say I do have a wee hankering for this pink silk pair of Vargas Panties. They do them in black all the time, but the current trend in peach and blue for spring could be quite something under a long black pleated organza skirt...or even boring old bike leathers?... sweet.