BEND zeee KNEES - Mr P checks out MOTOINFINITO.

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Motofinfinito are not just a fabulous logo they have ground breaking almost stylish biking kit. Mr P & I dropped in on the occasion of the launch of their new 2013 collection! & of course in true ITALIAN style their was laughs & PIZZA.

Their showroom is somewhere in the maze of motor exits to Verona! But quite easy to find with the unmentionable GARMIN!

Their piece de resistance has got to be the NordKapp jacket, which comes with the innovative d30lab limb protectors. It's been designed for all year riding, 3 distinct layers which can be worn separately, Petrol, Black, Grey and Brown are the colours stocked! Which is huge in motorbike terms!

Mr P checked every bit, side pockets, Zips, layers, impact protection, material, breath ability, weight, collars, packing power -and more . I was IMPRESSED! It took him 2 hours to claim it almost 80% perfect!!! WHICH IS even HUGE..R!

And yes he bought! (they stock women too BUT I will wait for their fashion range!)