MACROFEST - Michelle Nassar in Panama - DAY 3

20130319-175125.jpg Michelle Nassar's collection was BLUE. One of those blues that you've known all your life, a mix between light sky blue and baby blue, interspersed with pieces in Egyptian blue and blue proper.

On the runway the collection made me draw a breath! Delicate and romantic without being fussy, and so beautifully sewn and finished IT HURT!


It's not as if Michelle Nassar is a newbie. She has been showing her collection at Fashion Week Panama since 2008, but this one seems to be her BEST to date.

Having studied fashion design at Miami International University of Art and Design, she continued with Fashion Merchandising at the Instituto Marangoni of Milan and has a well-earned international following.


My favourite piece has got to be this top above, which looks part dévoré, part laser cut and part lace.

It was a tight and well-edited collection that flowed into a tumultous applause for her at the show's finish.



All photographs Tania Cabal