MACROFEST - Schmidttakahashi - Germany -DAY 3

I have just spent like an hour playing about on BERLIN design duo's Eugenie Schmidt and Mariko Takahashi website it's 'Radical'!I don't think anyone in the general audience at Macrofest realized that the pieces were up cycled! Which is as it should be. The clothes should be beautiful first and foremost, then the HUGE PLUS IS THE HISTORY.

20130320-161006.jpg The easiest way to explain their concept is as follows.

Their collections consist of materials taken from donated second-hand clothes, and every donor receives a donation ID number so that they can follow the new life of their discarded clothes. Every item collected is documented and saved in their archive. They then dismantle and reassemble the old clothes, forming completely new outfits, but ensuring that the way in which the individual garments were previously used, and the identity of their respective owners are still recognisable.

20130320-161630.jpg The quick response 'QR' code found in their pieces can then be scanned on a smartphone to unlock the garments history. It also allows the new owner to contribute to the pieces trajectory. Truly as fascinating as vintage & greatly inspiring to the Ganexa art and design students who were the lucky participants of Takahashi's workshop.


20130320-163303.jpg All photos by Tania Cabal