MACROFEST- Ganexa's Ones To Watch (1) - Panama - DAY 3

20130321-135145.jpg The first thing I saw of Isabel Chacin's 'Destellos Ópticos' collection was the jewellery; inspired by ethnic elements of the Guna Yala, and in complete contrast to her collection that was entirely in black and white.


To me it's exciting that the director of Fashion Design at Ganexa is active in the business that she is teaching. Her collection is wearable and very feminine yet it has structured style that includes geometric elements making for some versatile wardrobe pieces too!



There is something more-ish about Víctor Escudero's collection 'Silver Roll'. I'm not sure if it's the NEON or the juxtaposition of work wear and fantasy! You see it and the first thing you think is OMG! Then you just think about it and want it, like one of those 'pop' tunes that you get in your head and can't stop humming again and again!


The inspiration for the collection comes from more serious thoughts. It pays homage to the sacrifice and labour of the workforce that built the Panama Canal.

Salmon, lime green, beige, silver, black, fuchsia, and neon orange are the colours used by Escudero to celebrate the African descendants that lived amongst discrimination, horrific working conditions and illnesses building the Canal to make it the marvel that it is still today.

Photos by Tania Cabal