MACROFEST- Ganexa's One To Watch (2) - Panama - DAY 3

20130323-112101.jpg Löndy's 'Claustro 1' collection, defined as a 'silent walk through an incident not yet realised', spells a future uncertain.

There is a darkness harkening a sci-fi arrival: the women's printed textile fitted top, the printed textile lapels and inserts on the men's fitted jackets.


Yet Löndy's combination of heavy and lightweight materials adds a more human embodiment. I love the juxtaposition of the different cuts, the structured and the fluid - the world itself? Being in Latin America perhaps his finale piece is apt? Hmmm...



The 'Incanto Dominatus' collection by Ariadna Rodríguez for her label 'Frikki', included this gorgeous full chiffon skirt combined with a great basic hooded cotton top that I lusted over.

I now realise that this material is still under my skin. Vintage or new, I can't seem to get enough of keep them coming!

All photos by Tania Cabal