THANK YOU BOYS! Motorider - San Salvador

A rather nasty incident with a cow on the border of Honduras and El Salvador left The Beast in a shaky state, with no windscreen! 20130601-124805.jpg

After a couple of days at Motorider in San Salvador with T.L.C. from owners Julio and Oscar, and the mechanical expertise of Javier and his team, The Beast has a new made-to-measure windscreen and is roaring around like no man's business.

Another worldwide incident followed as Mr P got talking at the garage with an orange KTM rider on his way down to Panama City. Noticing The Beast's number plate, he politely asked Mr P if he had come across the renowned English 'round-the-world rider who lives there that he is hoping to meet...

Mr P, who is not un-partial to a wee bit of adulation, smiled a BRITISH smile and acknowledged that in fact, it's him. He's the 'round-the-world English rider, and a couple of hours later, they were still talking!

On a complete side note, Motorider is the official representative for Touratech, owned by our friends Herbert and Romana Schwarz.