Ms Castro comes off the Motorbike - Part 1

There is something quite surreal about seeing the face of a cow looming toward you out of the dark, then finding yourself face down in the mud unable too move with the partial weight of 400kg of The Beast (the motorbike) on top of you!

Now, I know it wasn't my turn because there were not any flashing images of my entire life before me. THANK GOD.

20130604-232112.jpg The Beast being picked up from a villager's house where he had been kept overnight

Mr P and the cow were ok, The Beast and myself, not so. Nearby villagers on the border town of Santa Rosa de Lima in El Salvador and Mr P scooped me out of the mud and here's what I remember:

Being taken on a lorry by a group of policeman in the dead of night, where every rut in the road was like a knife digging into my right side. It took on an almost biblical feel as I was lifted into a stretcher - helmet and all - at the emergency ward of the VERY, VERY local hospital.

I am not very sure of the events that came after...

However, I do remember crying hysterically when given an injection where I hadn't watched the nurse use a clean needle.