Ms Castro comes off the Motorbike - Part 2

You've read about it and heard of it, but have you ever experienced it?I HAVE! The dictatorial matron.

My overnight stay at the very, very local hospital was already pretty horrible. The women's ward consisted of four beds with two to three people in each! As I had come in as an emergency, an extra bed had been put up for me in front of the toilet.


Mr P, still shaken and exhausted after a police session in LIMITED Spanish, left for the hotel assuring me that all would be OK. Cue the matron!

Matron: 'Change into your nightdress'! Me: 'I can't. I haven't got one. It's on the bike. I've been in accident'. Matron: 'Get your family to bring you one'! Me: ' I don't have any here, only Mr P and I don't know where he is...'

With this, she stormed out!

To say the other women in the ward were fantastic is an understatement. They were unashamedly DIVINE, rallying around me for comfort and trying to find something in their meagre belongings to clothe me with.

Part 3 coming soon.