Ms Castro comes off the Motorbike - Part 3

The hospital clothing incident finished with me in a gown, dressed by the ladies in the ward who really took pity on my NO FAMILY STATUS.

And the matron's tirade reigned on...

Day two in the ward had me in immense pain with the addition of no sleep, even with my faithful Donna Ida jeans wrapped over my riding jacket for a pillow. The toilet was THE centre of huge activity throughout the night. I guess hanging about the toilets was the only activity to distract the occupants of the ward from impossible sleep in overcrowded beds.

...and at 6:00am, cue the matron:

Matron: 'Get up and have a shower'. Me: 'I can't move my arms'. Matron: 'Get your family to help you'. Me: 'I don't have any family here and I've been in accident'. Matron: 'They should have told you to bring a towel. Your family should be here'. Matron: 'You have to make your bed'.

The total craziness of the situation, with the addition of whatever drug they pumped into me, just made me laugh and I really couldn't stop, infuriating the matron even more. I was regressing to school, where the rules were to be obeyed without exception.

To be fair I guess, no one in their right mind would come to the hospital without family to attend to them, and it slowly dawned on me that the people sharing beds were not all hospital patients, but patients and their family members!

photo copy

It's been about four weeks from the accident now and I've never been to so many hospitals in my entire life. I have had a screw inserting operation performed by the coolest surgeon: Mr Schmidt in Jurica Queretaro, Mexico, but with multiple fractures, I won't be able to ride for a couple of months. However, I will be able to travel and the search for clothing that I will be able to wear with a right arm that doesn't respond and a left arm that cannot be lifted will continue.

So, Ms Castro rides on...