Packing for six days with just hand luggage Part 1 - The Clothes

Well, I have no other option. I am travelling on my own and I have been warned of the consequences of carrying anything heavy! Ughhhh. But the one thing I have in my favour after so much travel is the fear of taking too much. The idea of cheating myself to give space to an item of clothing that is left unworn throughout a trip is seriously hell.

So, to the's what I've packed with notations as to what I've worn so far:


- My Alessandra Grau print suit is always an eye-catcher and I can team the jacket (worn) with jeans, or belt (worn) it up over my LWD dress.

- I definitely travel with a pair of Donna Ida jeans (worn). They are high-waisted and even my motorbike accident didn't dent them, so they're seriously tough, and they make for a long leg.

- A cardigan (worn) in grey and my Poshtotti sarong (worn as a scarf in this instant). There are about nine ways to wear it: blouse, shirt, skirt, scarf and I am still finding more.

- My Melissa flats and my motorbike boots (worn). My boots have become my fetish. Me and them have been through everything and then some.

- An extra bra and pants - I have become quite a hand at wash-and-wear.

- One shirt (worn).

- Compression socks (worn) - I have seen horrors on my travel and the prospect of deep vein thrombosis seems to fire my imagination.

Really, this it. To be fair I always leave a little space because I am desperate to find some tees with buttons downs the front and it's fun shopping local. I wear minimal jewellery and I always carry it on me and I always travel with a hat.