As I am always on the go, I find that it's easier to organise for travel by compartmentalising my belongings, especially when packing into motorbike panniers or suitcases! I love Emma Lomax's Sew Lomax bags because they're pictorial and come in great sizes. So, I get her thoughts on the matter. I caught up with the 'Queen of Bags' at her studio for a quick chat. 20130725-204147.jpg

Emma: I agree. I always end up having about three bags in my handbag so I know where everything goes. I have two new cosmetic bags coming out next months, which have two separate compartments - perfect to organise yourself for a flight or a day trip. Keep your eyes pealed...


Me: Is that the reason you started making your carries?

Emma: This is exactly the reason. I was always getting everything jumbled in the bottom of my bag and it used to drive me mad. I decided to create travel accessories to help me be more organised.


Me: I know you're keen to keep the label ethical and transparent. How do you go about this?

Emma: It can be hard to keep the brand ethical, but I think every brand has a duty to do as best they can, whether it means you ship your products rather than air freight them or using materials local to your manufacturers so that you know exactly where the material comes from.

Me: You have just got the collection into Harvey Nichols. Congrats! What's next?

Emma: Well I am currently working on projects with Fenwick and John Lewis. I am also launching a lifestyle range next month, which I am very excited about.


Me: How many collections do you do a year?

Emma: Well, I am still in my first year so I am not entirely sure. I do like to bring something out every two months, just to keep the brand fresh, and I have so many ideas it's hard not to bring one out every week.

Well I am certainly waiting, Emma because all of my electrical cables are in a mess and loose...somewhere in the bottom of my suitcase. HELP!