It’s a touchy subject! The hair or no hair armpit conundrum. I mean men do it and surely in our totally supposedly equal sex world THIS should no longer be an issue! I have heard all the arguments – it’s more sensual, it’s unhygienic, it’s ugly, it’s healthier, sexier etc... But not until my recent accident had I thought to make such a vehement stance on the matter. Having been caught out for three weeks with out a wax due to the complete immobilisation of my right shoulder and arm, I was not only mortified but being in Mexico, I was also extremely hot and uncomfortable. In fact at that time I took a real proper and studious look at the matter. The men bearing heavy tufts in sleeveless tops looked totally YUCK! Thankfully I never saw any women, really not aesthetic at all! I think it may only be just passable when either sex is naked. 20130821-124502.jpg However, British interdisciplinary artist, Isamaya Ffrench today unveiled a unique collection of art titled ‘The Art Underarm’ in collaboration with Vaseline deodorant – designed to celebrate the female form. I think it’s fab and completely, beautifully brave – and note HAIRLESS! 20130821-125212.jpg Georgia Spriggs, Vaseline deodorant’s brand manager, commented on the collaboration with Ffrench: “Working with an artist like Isamaya allowed us to create a series of works which not only use the underarm in a truly unique way but create something visually impactful which celebrates the female form and brings our range to life in a new and interesting way.” 20130821-125431.jpg The Vaseline Deodorant range which includes Derma Beauty, Double Invisible, Aloe Fresh and Active Fresh variants are priced at a RRP of £1.86 each and available from retailers nationwide for more information visit vaseline.co.uk