WONDROUS WOMEN - Breaking ground in Tenerife

Angela Galvan is a life coach. It's not unusual if it weren't for the location - Tenerife!Marketing manager for a multinational broker, she changed direction after trying a session herself and discovering the benefits yet knowing she could do it that little bit better. One of the only ASESCO (Association Española Coaching) titled members working in Tenerife, it's hard to break down barriers where so called 'coaching' is offered with dancing, homeopathy and even esoteric sessions.


The process is to define a goal and then achieve it. For example, it could be always being late, organising paperwork, self-esteem and even family issues. Bear in mind, you could discover a whole suitcase of underlying issues during the process. Angela stresses that it's one goal at a time.

A typical course coaching me could take 15 to 20 sessions (one every 10-15 days) for an objective to be achieved. Each session can last from one hour to one hour and 20 minutes every one or two weeks and although initial consultation is best in person, subsequent sessions can be via Skype.

Angela is passionate about her profession and she derives great satisfaction from the final result. She urges me to give it a try! From 50 euro a session, it could be just what I need to get my dreadfully procrastinating attempts of organising my worldwide wardrobe into a state for either keeping as a collection, wearing or selling!

As Angela says, coaching is for when you want to achieve or improve a particular aspect, even changing important things in your life whether personal or professional. In other words, it's when you find an obstacle in your way and you need a professional to help to move it.

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