MADE Now Magazine - Fiercely Independent in Tenerife

Tourism being the main industry in the Canary Islands, followed swiftly by agriculture, is where the money gets thrown - WHEN THERE IS MONEY OF COURSE! So when you come across a fledgling magazine cutting out a corner in fashion without comprising their passion to a sponsor, you have to shout about it. I spoke to Ruben Gonzalez, editor of MADE Now Magazine.

Me: A totally independent fashion magazine is really hard to achieve and it's completely groundbreaking in Tenerife. How did you manage it? Was it a group thought, or did something just make you say, okay that's it I'll just have to publish this myself?

Ruben: It's still a small project, but we've grown with each and every edition that we've brought out, thanks to all and each one of our ever-increasing collaborations. Really, it is difficult and hard work in which you need to invest all of your time, ideas and dreams, but it's all worth it in the end, when its finally published and you can stand back happy, proud and satisfied. We were also influenced by the fact that there were no magazines in Tenerife like MADE Now Magazine that included fashion, design, art, photography and culture. So we thought, why not try it?


Me: What is fashion for you? And will the magazine in the future be dedicated only to fashion?

Ruben: For me fashion is like a tickle, an adrenalin hit, an experience that you never know how and with what it will surprise you. I don't think that in the future MADE Now will be totally dedicated to fashion. I thinks its value will lie in the mix of themes.

Me: You have an amazing team of collaborators. How did you find them?

Ruben: I am lucky enough to have different contributors in each edition. These contributors come exclusively from our followers that contact us and offer us their collaboration. That really is a luxury.


Me: Where do you see the magazine one-year from now? Will it be just in Tenerife or the whole of the Canary Islands?

Ruben: Hahaha. Ah if it were up to me in the highest of heights, I try to think we will go far, even if at the moment we're just a small project on an island. One never knows what to expect, and to dream is fabulous.

Me: Give me three of the bright rising stars in Tenerife fashion today...

Ruben: For me, three of the great promises in Tenerife fashion today are: Pedro Infinito - Accesorios Territoriales, the model Sílvia Yélamos Vidal and of course MADE Now Magazine. It would be great to grow and go far together!

I have no doubt in my mind that you will, Ruben. The proof is already there!