Wondrous Women - Marta Purriños - Tenerife (Part1)

Fashion stylist, blogger and shopper Marta Purriños has certainly got to be my summer GIRL CRUSH. She knows every fashion nook and cranny on the island, she lives and breathes style and on top of all that, she’s absolutely beautiful. WOW! Catching her before she jets off on a well-deserved mini vacation, I talk to her about Tenerife’s fashion landscape.


1. Let’s talk about fashion in Tenerife. How did it all begin?

Not much more than a year go, I was sitting on a bench in the city where I was born, Santa Cruz and I asked myself where would I want to be 10 years from now. I caught a glimmer of my current reality, my passion, my work and part of my life: fashion.

Fashion in Tenerife is without a doubt an emerging sector crying out to be freed. From the technological revolution through to Web 2.0, the e-commerce era has opened its doors to a reduced but talented number of brilliant impresarios and shockingly good designers. Bit by bit the noise will form into a melody, but there is still some way to go before it turns into a tune that the fashion pack can dance to.

Customs control causes constant trouble for both parties. Yet even with these setbacks people don’t give up and businesses will prosper. Tomorrow the Canary Islands could be a reference point for fashion. Gran Canaria and Moda Calida are exemplary. When one speaks about fashion in Tenerife, they do so enthusiastically but with nervous expectancy. The boom is just starting!


2. Marta I just love your LOOK! What are your favourite shops in Tenerife? Please spill some secrets.

Without a doubt, those on Calle del Pilar are where you will find everything you need, from top fashion labels to new designers. Shops like Pin-Up, BountyEtxart & Panno (who I am totally in love with), Teria Yabar, Basyco, Lakra Shop (the latter leaves no one indifferent because of its originality, freshness and its more urban clothing, brought in from big cities like London).

In La Laguna, the small boutiques are the best places to find elegant clothing. However I generally stick to Plastic People. It’s where you find the best urban unisex street style.

To add to this, on the south of the island there is a lot of cosmopolitan fashion for world travelled women, especially in the commercial centres and small boutiques of Centro Comercial El Duque.


Tomorrow I ask Marta about her hair. It’s something I have been toying with for some time, but I’m not sure I’m quite there yet.