The Delicious & Delectable MADAME ALLSORTS!

I was lucky enough recently to stumble across some rather inspirational LADIES! Trying to get hold of Madame Allsorts is no mean feat. When she’s not busy designing, she’s singing and when you think you’ve finally got hold of her for just a moment, she happens to be on the other side of the ATLANTIC organising a catwalk presentation at New York Fashion Week, showcasing a hoard of ‘Anna Wintourettes’ to the crowds arriving at the Diane von Furstenberg show. How does she do it?

Somehow in between her secret assignment to the States and her red-eye flight back, I squeezed in a quick interview.


Me: The Simon Cowell tee definitely strikes a chord, were you born a Catholic?

Madame Allsorts: I was born a pain in the ass! I’m not especially religious but I’m fascinated by biblical stories and imagery – I find them powerful and I love reinterpreting them!

Me: I love dressing up and your dresses do just that. They are fun and each one offers a different persona. When you design do you do so for yourself or is there someone else in mind like a muse?

Madame Allsorts: I’m totally selfish ha! I design everything based on what I’d love to wear, from the dramatic right through to the casual. Every outfit has an agenda or a message. I throw up everything that swirls in my mind and put it on fabric and then get overly excitable because I get the chance to wear it.


Me: Now you’re a performer, musician, designer and a jeweller. You have lots of different sides, is that where the name Madame Allsorts came from, is it just because you have a crazy penchant for liquorish?

Madame Allsorts: Well actually I get paid £500,000 per year for servicing the liquorish industry, using the word Allsorts frequently is part of my contract!

Me: It must be really hard with so many ways of expressing your talent? Which one are you following now, music or fashion?

Madame Allsorts: It’s amazing to have so many different creative outlets to utilise! They all marry perfectly. What can’t be interpreted through words can transcend through a design and vice versa.


Me: You’re in New York right now but when are we going to see you in the UK? London Fashion Week perhaps?

Madame Allsorts: I’m in New York planning a little something for fashion week, but no doubt I’ll be back in Britain before you can say Big Ben.


And a little something did go down! Madame Allsorts, who was dressed in a one of a kind Anna Wintour dress she designed specifically for the event, caused so much of a stir that the fash mob (as the group are now being called) were evicted from the site by several police officers.