Le Petit Bazaar - Buying Designers off the Catwalk

In Europe there have been little glimpses of this phenomena. I guess it's been urged on by the availability of collections online.

Companies like Moda Operandi, the boutique at London Fashion Week, as well as the many flagship store openings: Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy; Longchamp, Tom Ford and Pringle in London, all coinciding with the key global fashion weeks, are directed at a public, hungry to get involved in the fashion spectacle, NOW. I'm not sure where it will stop. Some say it will be the end of catwalk shows, but can you have a shop without the HYPE? I don't think so.


That's why Fashion Week Panama (FWP) is so amazing and innovative. Together with fashion merchandiser and stylist Ana Altamirano, FWP is going all the way and creating Le Petit Bazaar, a showroom where designers will be selling their collections during the three-day event taking place over the 10th, 11th and 12th of this month.

This VIP shopping area will be located within the premises of Fashion Week Panama, and between 3pm and 10pm there will be designer collections for sale. The area will also boast a cocktail service, interview lounge, private dressing rooms and personal styling by Ana Altamirano.


It sounds divine to me. Some of my favourite designers will be there including Annie Chajin, Greta Bayo and Vergara Vergara.

Watch this space!