For heels that do the talking: Jerome C Rousseau

My last day in Paris and I'm all quiched up. If I had stayed any longer I think I wouldn't have been able to keep my self from the baguette, pain au chocolate and carambar...meaning not being able to get into my new IDA by Donna Ida skinnies! I have only one regret, that I will be leaving something really amazing behind. Of all the designer showrooms that I've been a slave to in the last week, there are just these one pair of shoes; in fact they are so limited that there might be only the one pair left. And I want them for ME!

They're a bootie designed by my MAN of the moment, Canadian shoe designer Jerome C Rousseau with artist Emily J Snyder - the latter hand-stitched beading on each and every shoe. It's like a walking piece of art, and they are so light and elegant...Ooaahhh.

In fact, Jerome is particularly partial to collaborations, and being a total TRON fan he is especially proud of the limited edition 5-inch platform sandal inspired by Quorra, the female warrior character from the film. SUPERB!

20131004-093437.jpg So far I understand these one-off beaded tropical paradises have been most bought by buyers from the Middle East and Italy.

There is no chance then for me to attain them. I'm now traveling home, bloated and exhausted on the Eurostar. And, there was a charming young man in oil that upgraded me on to first class. Zut alors!