A Pre-Christmas treat at Urban Retreat, Harrods

Actually, it's rather more a birthday treat I suppose, because it definitely comes first. Christmas for Urban Retreat at Harrods begins on the 26th of October, so my Carol Joy facial was an early present to myself. I chose the one-hour treatment (they do a decadent two-hour one too) and it included a complete cleanse inclusive of a soft scrub, lifting masque, collagen masque and red algae treatment, all delivered from the hands of Nina, Carol Joy's sweetest of beauty therapists. Carol Joy is renown for her anti-ageing Golden Millet Oil, which is the base to all of her products, and took her 12 years to get the non-chemical extraction. The thing about facials is the response after the treatment; so bumping into beautiful makeup artist Emma Day who commented on my 'beautiful skin' was how I knew something had definitely worked.

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In fact the Byonik healing cold laser (exclusive to Carol Joy London in the UK) is something I am aching to try. The non-invasive treatment stimulates collagen production in the skin, regenerates cells, plumps lines and wrinkles, reduces inflammation and blemishes, and apparently is ideal for ageing skin, blemishes, scarring, stressed or city skin. Too good to be true? Maybe! But after the results of her facial, I think it's pretty fool proof...for Christ's sake, I even left without wearing any makeup.

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But, it was not all about me. The Urban Retreat boutique has got beautiful presents for everyone and I defy anyone to smell a man wearing Roja Dove Enigma Pour Homme and not run after him. The scent is definitely a Mr P thing! If this is too dear, even if it's for your beloved at £295, the Clive Christian travel set at £170 is a steal. Each 10ml bottle comes with a crown for a top and the case itself would make a handy jewellery casket.

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Another recommended FAVOURITE, by no other then Emma Day herself, is the Clarisonic Pro Sonic Skin Cleansing System for £155. It's a non-abrasive facial cleanser that unclogs pores, and goes far deeper. Ms Castro is definitely trying this one. Emma Day's face is fabulously free of anything resembling a wrinkle!

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Because of my crazy nail penchant, my Christmas tree is definitely going to be hanging with beautiful Mavala angels, interspersed with a couple of must-have brow kits from Sumita Beauty. The question is, where the hell will my Christmas be...?