FFIXXED to travel

Yes, I know this bag looks like a plastic carrier bag, but it's going to end up being one of my FAVOURITES! Why? Because of the traveller that I am. You'll see me here, then see me there and sometimes the places I travel to might be a little questionable, so an Hermès, Asprey or Balenciaga might spell trouble, be too recognizable or be otherwise impossible to carry when trying to make a quick getaway.

20131009-195630.jpg I love the way you can reverse this bag from ffiXXed into a look-a-like plastic carrier bag, totally utilizable in danger zones, and in fact the white version is even more camouflaged.

20131009-210638.jpg ffiXXed is a collaborative art and design project started by artists and designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau, whose main focus is a unisex fashion label. Like me, ffiXXed's headquarters is mobile, having moved between studio spaces in Berlin, Hong Kong, New York and Melbourne. And ffiXXed has established its own in-house vertical style integration to encompass a production studio and residence in Shenzhen, China. Although when questioned on where they live they added, 'EVERYWHERE.' Right on!