Ruben Gonzalez - Fashion Designer, Photographer & Editor

I am meeting the hyper-talented Ruben Gonzalez near a bench in Plaza de Candelaria, Santa Cruz. I both adore the idea of rendezvousing at such a Mecca and that the daisies on my Beautiful Soul dress are just lapping up Tenerife's blazing hot sun.

We never sit down on the bench. I'm far too excited to find out about all the goings on of MADE NOW magazine of which he is the founder and editor. We divert to a more conventional setting, where we talk in a mixture of 'Spanglish' and squeals of excitement to the amusement of all in earshot.

I realise that like me, Ruben thinks in pictures and I am overwhelmed by the tableaus that he conjures up in front of me with and without the beloved iPad. Literally, it's two hours in two seconds and then it's time to go, but not before I manage to squeeze in a couple of questions.


What does it feel like to be the only independent Canary Island fashion lifestyle magazine to date?

Con cada numero intentamos afianzarnos en un estilo propio, para no ser una revista mas, estamos muy contentos con la acogida que estamos teniendo.

It's coming up to your 4th edition at MADE NOW magazine. What have been the most finger biting moments?

Jaja. Tenemos mucho estrés y nervios al mismo tiempo, nuestro 4º numero viene cargado de fabulosas colaboraciones muy interesantes.

Lo mejor ha sido el casting call que hemos realizado, hemos recibido muchísimos mails de modelos con un alto nivel, ¡estamos emocionados!


I have heard some beautiful things about the magazine. Give me two that nearly made you cry?

Por ejemplo me han dicho que lo que hacemos es un pequeño paso para el progreso, lo cual me llena de felicidad. Y otra vez, nos dijeron que lo que hacemos tiene un valor incalculable por el cariño que en ello ponemos.

Ruben Gonzalez never mentions the word 'I'. The magazine, as far as he is concerned, is the coming together of some very talented people.

Hmm, but I think it takes a genius to get all those creatives together and make it WORK!

Model shots are some FAVOURITES by Ruben Gonzalez.

I am wearing a Beautiful Soul dress and a Believer jewellery wrap.