Ms Castro Rides...On!

It seems like an eternity since the accident in May, but really it's only been four months and I was told it would take up to a year. 'NO riding,' I was told by my Harley Street specialist when I arrived in London, 'until it is truly in working order' - the 'it' being my shoulder. Well I didn't really take much notice of that. BAD, BAD GIRL. There have been trips to Mexico, Los Angeles, Portugal, Spain and La Palma, but as my shoulder begins to get rather comfortable in its lazy, laid-back position, I have realised that I need to be more accessible to physiotherapy if I am ever going to get it up to 100% working order. So, it means planning - a word I was quite happy with a couple of years ago pre-motorbike and pre-Mr P. Part of my new plan is a re-brand. I'm now Ms Castro Rides across the board, as the motorbike is on hold until further notice.

I have never ever been in one place for very long. I traverse the globe quite effortlessly. I love hunting out new fashion labels, hidden boutiques, attending art openings and restaurant and hotel launches. I am very lucky to work with designers breaking into worldwide markets, and interviewing creatives of all fields is like the icing to our beautifully fascinating world. My new Ms Castro Rides visuals have been created by Yanneth Albornoz. A Panamanian, she is truly a great artist and my soul sister in the world. Do you like them?

Finally, plans (bringing tears of joy to my PR company) are being made for Berlin, Antwerp, New York, Paris, Milan, Miami and Los Angeles and that does not include my beloved Panama, Canary Islands or London...

Feel free to get in touch. I'll most likely be in a city near you, soon: