SUPER WOMAN - Rosi Curbelo

Immaculate whether it's 9am or 9pm, Rosi Curbelo is the public relations for Hotel Santa Catalina, writes for La Provincia (her column is called Dry Martini), is on the board of Gran Canaria Moda Calida and is an 'It Girl' par excellence, and that's just for starters. A self-confessed fan of designer Carolina Herrera 'pero roquera', she wears a smile that is genuine and open, and I, and probably another few hundred other people, absolutely adore her. What makes her tick? She gives me a little more than five minutes of her busy schedule, which today consists of supervising the final touches of the renown turning on of the Christmas lights at the Hotel Santa Catalina, meeting and greeting the VIP's of the hotels numerous Christmas lunches and cocktails, and dealing with a gorgeous array of bouquets arriving - just for her because TODAY it's her birthday. And no, I don't ask her age because it's crass and Rosi just is. She's ageless!

How, I ask, do you keep it all together?

I am very lucky. Every day I awake I thank god how lucky I am. I love people, so I love my work and I am lucky to have a lovely daughter and a great partner and I live in The Canary Islands, which is blessed with eternal spring.

You look gorgeous. How do you do it?

It's in the genes. I really don't need much maintenance. I go to the gym, but don't really have set days. Although, I do have to watch what I eat a bit because I have a very sweet tooth. Good genes are in the family. My mother died at 92 years and on the way back from the hairdressers.

Who are your FAVOURITE designers?

There are so many. Let me think.

Ok so maybe who are you FAVOURITE Canary Island designers? You are on the board of Gran Canaria Moda Calida.

Ah yes, easier. I like Aurelia Gil, Gabriel Croissier and Siona Rodriguez utilises amazing material. I like the workmanship of the designers Trastornados. I love Nuria Gonzalez. She just is a really a fabulous person (I agree) and what Lenita XTG is doing with her label, bringing her whole production to the islands and creating employment and training in the sector is dynamic.

What's the piece in your wardrobe that you can't live without?

It's a black leather jacket! Shall I go and get it?

She's up and back in a jiffy with a gorgeous nappa leather biker style jacket! Definitely my kind of woman!

But sadly I need to let her go. Her phone has the press constantly ringing and there are people hovering to catch her attention.

Inspirational? SHE IS DEFINITELY my winter girl crush!