HARD ROCK CAFE - A Seminole Tribe franchise

Weird stuff. I'm not sure how come I have never seemed to notice this fact, but there it is in black and white and on the menu:  'since 2007, the Tribe has owned the Hard Rock Cafe franchise, and established it in their hotels and casinos.' 20140105-224142.jpg

In fact, checking the whole historic bit on the Seminole Tribe is a bit of an eye opener. The present tribes of modern Florida: Seminole, Miccosukee and Traditionals descend from a smaller group – possibly fewer than 200 – who refused to leave Florida during the Seminole Wars against the United States in the 19th century, and moved deep into the Everglades, where they fostered a culture of staunch independence.


It makes me feel a little more comfortable as I sit in Tenerife on the night of the Three Kings amidst the whole razzmatazz of the Hard Rock Cafe table service, as six different waiters approach our table uttering ' charming somethings', that the whole operation is orchestrated by a tribal chief sitting somewhere in Florida...maybe I will just have that Blue Hurricane cocktail!