A Day in the Life of a Model - Curvy and Sexy, Berlin

I was lucky to meet Jessica Blomiley and a group of models at Curvy is Sexy's second edition in Berlin. The show was an amazingly slick affair and I must admit that I discovered a whole range of fabulous new labels, which all start from size 42 upwards. I shall be endeavoring to review each one in the course of the forthcoming months, so keep your eyes on blog on Wednesdays - for Curvy Wednesday. I asked Jessica if she could let me know what a typical day, as a Curvy is Sexy model entailed:


So, it's the first day of Berlin Fashion Week and I woke up in the model apartment alongside seven other girls at 6:00am.

We arrive at the venue and grab a coffee before heading straight into hair and make-up. An hour and half goes by and I'm finally looking glam.


We meet our dressers that are going to be with us for the whole show and work out which outfits and brands we are going to walk for. It's always fun trying out the outfits. I was really happy to be walking for Persona at MaxMara because the brand really shows off the best assets on a curvy girl. My favourite outfit that I walked in was S Oliver's skinny green jeans and shirt. It's days like this when you would love the stylist to say, "You can keep your outfits, girls." Haha, a girl can dream.


Four shows and two castings later, we are finished for the day and looking forward to socialising and networking at the fashion week events in the evening. Back at the apartment, everyone is buzzing from the shows. One of the perks of being a model is that our hair and make-up is already done. We just had to pick a cute dress and head to the after-party...

All in all, it had been an 18-hour day full of fashion, fun and dancing. I love my job!


Jessica Blomiley can be reached via Brigitte Models in Germany and at Hughes models in London.