Wondrous Women - Beatrix Ost, New York

I met Beatrix Ost in London last year. My first impression was of a beautiful butterfly, an impressionist painting, something you might want to just look at and observe for a while without engaging, just in case it breaks. Beatrix spends her time between New York and Virginia, and seeing the shows in New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week meant that I was able to conduct a mini interview...


Beatrix, you're an interdisciplinary artist. I am just wondering how you change from one medium to another? Or are there just certain things you want to get across that work better either in the visual or the written form?

Right now I'm waiting for the documentary In God We Trust (The story of Bernie Madoff). I'm a producer on the film. Then, we are putting together a movie based on two autobiographic books I wrote with the title: More Than Everything.

So this is right now, where my creative mind is.

Beatrix, I remember the first time I saw you; you were seated at a wedding ceremony. You were certainly creating a stir. Your dress sense is eclectic, beautiful and ethereal. I know you design, so do you just wear your own or do you have pieces made for you?

Yes, I do sometimes design my own outfits and my favourite designers are Yamamoto, Gauthier, Watanabe, Alaïa and Issey, and there is a Beatrix Ost label at Nordstrom.


Do you have a preference for a particular garment, and are there items that you would just not wear? I don't think I have seen any photographs of you in trousers.

I do love trousers, but I've never owned a pair of jeans. I wear anything that is elegant and that suits my body type.

Inspirational woman!