Hander Salon, Panama - 10/10

With only a couple of hours pre-departure, I have a complete beauty fix, which is nothing short of time defying. I have been to many hair and beauty salons the world over, but the Hander Salon in Multiplaza, Panama has got to be the ONE. The salon's good service and expertise just make the whole process a PURE delight. 20140314-174932.jpg

First stop is with Axel, my ultimate stylist, hot from doing a three-day stint in Mexico for the LA brand Sexy Hair, who he is an educator for. There are only three educators for the brand in Panama, so you can understand that being the only one called to Mexico, he is the best. I leave colour and cut totally in his hands because he knows me better then I know myself!


Secondly, whilst waiting for my L'Oréal 6.66 colour to set, I have a seriously express full manicure and pedicure from the amazing duo: Gloria and Lina. How they do it, I know not, but by the time I am called to rinse my hair I have a totally new set of hands and feet!


After my cut and dry with Axel, who shows me the ' structure in motion' moves that the Sexy Hair brand is renown for, it's time for a threading and Romarie doesn't even give me a chance to breathe and before I know it, I am finished. It's a RECORD; just over two hours for the lot. It's the fastest I have ever been done and if I hadn't just been going to the airport, my make-up would have been done too.