Igor Kourany & Anna Francesca Blasser BLOW IT UP at Macrofest

Igor Kourany's huge canvases are hard to categorise. The best I can do is digital figurative surrealism that uses a mixed media of tridimensional CGI and digital photography. An architect and photographer, his digital trajectory has given him pioneer status in his native Panama. 20140323-173428.jpg

Anna Francesca Blasser is a designer who is a little bit of an 'enfant terrible' - a colourist, free spirited and just THE rock 'n' roll queen of the fashion scene in Panama. Showing at MBFW New York every season, Anna Francesca will be opening a long-awaited boutique to the delight of her stateside fans!


Igor and Anna Francesca operate on different platforms for sure, but there is definitely something that unites them for me.

ENERGY? COLOUR? IRREVERANCE? Or maybe a tiny mixture of all three, but without which, I know that Macrofest Panama, born from the idea of a world where there are no barriers between the arts and creation, just wouldn't feel quite the same.