Teresita Orillac - THE QUEEN - Part 1

As I sit on my suitcase in an attempt at stuffing everything in on the eve of my departure from Shanghai, I think on Teresita Orillac - image consultant, personal shopper, designer and good friend. I consider Teresita Orillac the queen of the travelling wardrobe and although I think I probably come in at a close second, I am really keen to glean some further tips, especially now as I am more plane and train! 20140330-154654.jpg

Traveling the world for more than three weeks with just a carry-on? I did it with a pannier on the motorbike, but I wasn't partying or glamming it up all the time and well, I know you do, Teresita!

1. What is the most important piece in your carry-on wardrobe, the piece that you couldn't do without? I know you're a big separates girl.

I can't live without a black skirt and silk blouses. I can dress the black skirt up or down depending on the occasion. The simple silk blouses work for all season except a heavy winter. I wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans and pants, tucked in or just loose.


2. How many pairs of shoes do you pack including the ones you wear on the plane? I know you're a high heel fan.

Depending on the season and the type of trip, I usually pack a pair of flats (boots or ballet flats), a pair of platforms and a pair of stilettos and sometimes gym trainers. For me the key is not to wear the same shoe everyday and if possible not use the same shoe ALL day.

Yes, I am a big fan of high heels. I love how they look and how they make me stand up. I feel more alert and awake. However, I don't believe in suffering for fashion. For me most high heels are more comfortable than flats, but if something doesn't work for your feet or body then it's not for you.

20140330-155157.jpg IVANA Basilotta - SS14

3. What do you wear on the plane? It's so tricky especially on the all nighters. I find it pretty hard to get right and it can get cold on board. Also I especially hate looking all crumpled when I come off.

I am a big fan of wearing comfortable, easy-to-wear dresses and skirts. For long trips I avoid tight jeans and pants. So now I travel with a simple dark coloured dress and black tights underneath. No heavy jewelry or tight belts. It's like I'm in PJs, but I look like I could go out to dinner. I even put on the tights once I'm in the plane if the place were I was departing from is not one of cold weather.


Now, I am not really a dress fan, but I can see how this makes perfect sense. Tomorrow I continue to pick Teresita's brain and I just hope my Samsonite hard top case gives a little...