Teresita Orillac - THE QUEEN - Part 2

So I have never really been a great fan of leggings or jeggings, but Teresita does have a point! "For travelling, if I don't wear the dress over tights, I wear the jeans I'm wearing in the picture above. They have no zipper and buttons, so they are as comfortable as leggings but look like jeans."

And the ones below do look a little bit more jeanish...Maybe just maybe I might...


Jewellery is always tricky. Do you just wear what you take on the flight?

"I 'm a little lazy when it comes to changing my accessories every day so I usually travel with a pair of short earrings with a simple necklace and a pair of bigger, nicer looking earrings and a necklace that is long or big but not heavy. Heavy jewellery can make your neck or ears feel tired. So if I'm going to be out and about all day, I avoid it.

20140401-004740.jpg Pearly by Pearl Opera collection in Aventurine

What about buying as you go along? I know that as a designer you might see something special that you're going to make something with when you get home. Do you buy another suitcase or send back by courier?

"I always travel with space in my bag to buy something along the way. Sometimes I pack a small foldable duffle bag because I do love to buy fabric almost everywhere I travel, but I have learned to control myself and avoid impulse buying.

Since I mostly buy things that I can use many ways for many different occasions, I don't go on shopping sprees. I prefer to buy three really good pieces than to buy because it's "in" or because it's on "sale".

As I finally manage to board the plane to Sydney with one Samsonite case on burst alert and one shoulder bag ready to collapse with all my IT equipment, I think about Teresita's recommendations, which are really sensible. I ask myself if I could have left something out?

The problem is, shopping in Shanghai is JUST TO GOOD, and I didn't pack a duffle bag!