Z Hotels - London

Soho is a mixed memory bag for me, but they're all divine. First of all you have the strip where all the luvvies and boys congregate, then there are COOL MEMORY JERKING PLACES like Camisa  & Son, a deli whose fresh pasta my father used to buy every Saturday and the owner would always give us a sugared almond treat. Today though, it's also the home of one of Z chain's hotel. 20140504-205715.jpg

Having read about their facilities, I was keen to see. As a seasoned traveling fashionista I am always asked by colleagues to recommend, so with my hit list of minimal specific requirements (below) I took the tour of their Z Soho with fab newly appointed manager, Sergiu Puscas.

In the room: 1. FREE WiFi - I will not even enter an establishment without. 2. Proper towels - 1 shower, 1 hand. 3. Coffee and tea making facilities and free bottled water. 4. Somewhere for my suitcase - my room is my office and my case does not cut it. 5. Clean - decent bed and pillow. 6. A window - I have had a spate of dark cabin-like rooms ending in make-up looking an intsy bit drag queen-ish.

The hotel 1. Location, location - it's got to be in ZONE FASHION. 2. A café for breakfast that caters to my requirements for the 'uncontinental 'variety. 3. Safety and a decent concierge - I always need help.


Puscas showed me a double, a single, and the dreaded windowless room. He pre-warned me that the rooms were small (they are), but that the hotel was all about location, comfort and service. I have to say, I was impressed. My basics were covered. No rooms are the same because the architect has taken each one's attributes individually and maximised them, and they all (inclusive of either double or single) have the same sqm2. GREAT!

The NO, NO: 1. Wet room, no tubs - I prefer. 2. Rails, no wardrobe - plenty of hangers. 3. No towel rail - changed daily.

The YES, YES, YES: 1. Open password WiFi throughout hotel. 2. Full FREE Sky package on in-room TVs. 3. Café (6:30 start) is open to public so you're sure to get a decent coffee. 4. Different European sockets in rooms - how many times have you forgotten that adapter? 5. Daily towel change. 6. Complimentary aperitif between 5:00pm and 8:00pm daily. Complimentary soft drinks for a couple of hours from 11:00am 7. And, the pièce de résistance? IT'S LITERALLY SPITTING DISTANCE FROM Kokon to Zai.


As it's a hub spot for "Theatreland," it can become pretty full, but with a new hotel opening in Piccadilly in June pre-LC:M, I am hoping that there will be an opportunity for a trial...