With the BAFTA TV awards carefully tucked away, and the season half way in, I am starting to think what does GLAMOUR mean?! It's definitely on the red carpet, although I agree that there are also some seedy connotations to ‘Page 3’ spreads and models bearing bosom. BUT I am going to totally ignore that bit. 20140521-213642-77802696.jpg

It’s definitely not about age – Aishwarya Rai’s definitely got it, especially in this Roberto Cavalli gown at Cannes 2014. And it’s not even jewellery, because she is NUDE apart from some rather chunky rings and a bracelet. But then she is totally beautiful... Sigh!


Maybe it’s a long dress that does it? Well actually no because Lydia Kebede Cannes 2014 is in a short dress and she’s looking pretty sparkly. Could that be it? SPARKLES!


Then I am thinking long hair but not really because Sonam Kapur Cannes 2014 wears it short and she oozes it! All three wear red lipstick though, maybe that could be it? I have to say though there is something in the dictionary description of the word that might just sum it up for me and that is MAGIC.... And that does entail sparkles, some jewellery and definitely a SMILE! And like all magic, IF YOU BELIEVE IT THEN YOU’RE THERE.......


Sofia Loren Cannes 2014: sparkle, jewellery, long hair, no red lips and a ginormous smile! MAGIC! GLAMOROUS!

And back to the first image, Amanda Byram, TV presenter  wearing Dennis Basso, CARAT jewellery, no red lips, but a smile at the BAFTA TV awards. MAGIC! GLAMOROUS!