EcoBar - Bioplaneta Italian food that Mamma likes!

Sometimes I get this pasta urge... probably as I can't eat it ! Gluten intolerance and all that jazz! But there are other dishes too, and a good 'Berenjena a la parmigiana' can fulfil a yearning which can become all consuming. Photo 31-08-2015 21 01 39

Where though to find an authentic Italian in a sea of fast food imitations. Funnily enough en Alcala Tenerife.  Alcala used to be a sleepy fishing village which has grown thanks to the onslaught of tourism and the location of one of the best hotels in Tenerife, 'The Gran Melia Palacio de Isora'.

Photo 29-08-2015 15 50 04

On 'Calle La Plaza', very near to the beach is situated 'EcoBar-BioPlaneta'. I took my mother she's a terrible gourmet with a speciality in puddings. The restaurant has a Chocolate Mousse which she declared the best she's tasted for a while.

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Valeria, the owner runs this newly opened eatery with her italian chef. To say its yummy is an understatement. The portions are eatable, the pasta and ingredients fresh and they do cocktails and my signature Campari soda of course! Polite and a caring service, without being too in your face,  as only the good italians can do, completed the experience.

Photo 31-08-2015 21 01 44

Definitely will be back especially for a tryout of their own cocktail list, just need to find someone that is prepared to go teetotal to drive us!

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Graffiti Cafe- Varna - Bulgaria

Varna is undoubtedly the hippest city in Bulgaria; and being home to Graffiti Café, the winner of the 2012 ‘The World’s Best Bar’ award, only serves to add to its cool factor.Sharing its location with a chic boutique hotel, a gallery of modern art, a renowned restaurant and a hot nightclub, Graffiti already has an advantage over some of its peers.

Graffiti-Cafe-in-Varna-Bulgaria-2 (1)

But location aside, the bar truly is a marvel of aesthetic, design and architectural artistry. Designed by Studio MODE, this visually exquisite venue is divided into two zones. The open-air area at the front of the bar has the chairs and tables almost directly on the street, making it perfect for people-watching from an exclusive view point.


The main area of the bar is where the real design magic can be found, in the beautifully structured curved wooden slats, the intricate lace-work wall tiling and the geometric flooring, while strategically placed plants and greenery off-set the stark white furniture.

graffiti-cafe Although the trendy hub is literally oozing with style, it still manages to have an intimate and cosy ambience with excellent drinks, coffee and snacks.


The Canvas Bar - somewhere to be 'Old fashioned' in!!! - London

Because I am a vintage kind of girl  passionate about anything 70's themed , when the Canvas Bar in Shoreditch came on to my radar - it was just a question of time & hardy drinking partner, before popping in for a try!!Canvas-Bar-LowRes-7The venue is sophisticated yet vintage,   merging upcycled pieces  with industrial elements, yes my kind of place - in the heart of East London. Canvas-Bar-LowRes-10

We dived straight in and ordered the ‘Smoked Old Fashioned’ and ‘Pink Diamond’ part of four cocktails under the heading 'BRAVE'' - and my Gosh brave it was!


The Smoked Old Fashioned contained cinnamon infused wild Turkey 81 Bourbon, stirred with angostura bitters, smoked with dried orange zest, black pepper, dry lavender flowers and spices. The smoke along with all those goodies, was presented in a separate bottle alongside the Bourbon, the waiter advised us if we wanted the cocktail to be sweet, then pour the smoke in almost immediately, if you didn't then let the smoke rest in the bottle for a while, which allows the smoke to get a lot more smoky, giving you a completely different taste, smoky and more bitter (transforming into a MAN'S drink!).  I loved that you had the option.


The ‘Pink Diamond’ was next off the ‘Brave’ list” Classic vodka our shaken with dried hibiscus, fresh lemon juice and egg white, YES egg white… but really it was used for garnishing along with the dried hibiscus, which we found very tasty, I much preferred this version of the Classic vodka sour, Hats off to the Mixologist!



A couple of drinks later .... yep we stopped counting !!!  We managed  a chat with the bar manager to find out what's new at the Canvas Bar, and were  very excited to hear about the industry night, every Monday.   It’s a night for like minded industry professionals, artists and hospitality entrepreneurs. This  loyalty card  gets you  40% off the cocktail menu,  plus you get to  network  with other creatives.   The membership also entitles you to 20% off from Tuesday – Sunday between 4-8pm.


If  Monday nights are a NO NO NO, because  you're still recovering after the weekend,- book yourself into one of  their  cocktail masterclasses  everyday from 4pm – 7pm,  - because  you know  nothing beats pulling out THAT party trick at a dinner party.


photographs by Nyla Sammons 

Pulling Weight -THE BEAST

20121004-194310.jpg Sometimes you have to just stop and admire and then say a big thank you, to The Beast in all his GLORY, for carrying us safely, everywhere!

Standing BIGGER and taller then this wee 500, our beautiful BMW 1200 RT weighs in bare at 260kg, but fully laden with panniers, me and Mr. P, nearly half a TON! A big boy!

He does get a couple of perks though, like mucking around with boys in Italy!


The Beast leistet seinen Beitrag

Manchmal muss man einfach anhalten, bewundern und dem Prachtvollen Beast ein grosses Dankschön sagen – dass er uns sicher durch die Gegend fährt!

Neben diesem kleinen 500, steht unser wunderschöne BMV 1200 RT, der nackt 260kg wiegt, aber vollbeladen mit den Motorradkoffern und mich und Mr.P, fast eine halbe Tonne wiegt! Ein grosser Junge!

Aber eine Belohnung bekommt er schon, zum Beispiel mit den Italienischen Jungs herumalbern!

BEND zeee KNEES - Mr P checks out MOTOINFINITO.

20120731-114740.jpg 20120731-114808.jpg


Motofinfinito are not just a fabulous logo they have ground breaking almost stylish biking kit. Mr P & I dropped in on the occasion of the launch of their new 2013 collection! & of course in true ITALIAN style their was laughs & PIZZA.

Their showroom is somewhere in the maze of motor exits to Verona! But quite easy to find with the unmentionable GARMIN!

Their piece de resistance has got to be the NordKapp jacket, which comes with the innovative d30lab limb protectors. It's been designed for all year riding, 3 distinct layers which can be worn separately, Petrol, Black, Grey and Brown are the colours stocked! Which is huge in motorbike terms!

Mr P checked every bit, side pockets, Zips, layers, impact protection, material, breath ability, weight, collars, packing power -and more . I was IMPRESSED! It took him 2 hours to claim it almost 80% perfect!!! WHICH IS even HUGE..R!

And yes he bought! (they stock women too BUT I will wait for their fashion range!)