It is always with some trepidation that I go and try out a new beauty product. Is it just me or are they notorious for almost always not being as good as their extravagant and tempting promises? And if they are THAT good, then they’re usually break-the-bank expensive!Well I’ve found an exception to the rule. The Bounce Back To Youth Beauty Mask by The Body Shop states that it is for use on long-haul flights to help avoid skin dehydration, for use on sunny holidays to replenish skin at night and for use in cold temperatures to lock in, and maintain the skin’s natural hydration. With a list of specific uses like those, you can see why I felt this mask was made for me! Even better, the tub is only £22, and it actually works! But how I hear you ask....

Well, first of all the texture is smooth and bouncy and literally makes you want to role in it like Cleopatra! It smells and feels expensive. When you put it on, it doesn't lump up but instead slides on easily and then gets absorbed by your skin overnight! When you wake up in the morning the next day, the effects are stupendous! My face looked fresh, with soft, glowing and stress free skin. Apparently after using the mask for only seven days you will see even better results - WOW,!

The only drawback? I want that travel version pronto for long dehydrating flights! For all you beauty product non-believers, here is a tip for morning freshness from The Body Shop’s global expert, Dr. Terry that has nothing to do with lotions and creams, and everything to do with the way you sleep! TIP: The best position to sleep in is on your back so that there is no pressure or creasing on your face. However, if you do sleep on your side or front, invest in a good silk pillowcase to avoid any crease marks.